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Welcome to Another Reboot

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Where do I go from here? I ran into a LinkedIn update from a blogger I followed in the once wonderful world of Lotus Notes. We don’t know each other beyond my delight in glutinously consuming his posts. Yet, I feel we have a lot in common.  As it happens, each of us moved away from Notes. Each of us has found our way to Salesforce. For me, the beginning of the journey was compulsory. New technologies, corporate numbness, etc. took their toll on the viability of the very nimble platform I came to know and love.

Begrudgingly, at first, and then with enthusiasm I moved into the world of collaborative solutions built on the IBM WebSphere Application Server platform.  The enthusiasm I felt was largely derived from my “knack” for understanding complex architectures and working with them to provide solutions to customer challenges. That enthusiasm never quite filled the void left by the slow inexorable retreat of Lotus Notes.

Today? Enter Salesforce. Once again I find myself utterly delighted by a platform that begs to be put to the test of meeting real needs and delivering meaningful solutions. My company, Island Pond Consulting, exists for the simple purpose of helping individuals and organizations solve challenges. I provide assistance through private consultation, mentoring, and training delivery.

How did I get here and where is “here”? The details may appear in another post. But, in a nutshell, I am a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator. I work with a delightfully named and extraordinary Salesforce Partner, The ReddRaven Group (named for the two co-CEOs Pamela Redd and Raven Slade), to deliver Salesforce Authorized training.

Let the adventure continue!

Written by David Wilkerson

February 19, 2020 at 9:06 am

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