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The Missing Profile That Wasn’t Missing: WebSphere Portal “wp_profile”

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Today was a day of weirdness. I was working with customers that needed to test WCM caching options and we shared a virtual image of a system provided for that purpose. We reached a point in our efforts where we needed to change the caching properties and run a ConfigEngine script, “update-wcm-service-properties”.  When each of us made the attempt the system returned the message that the profile, “wp_profile”, could not be found. This was a compelling non-sequitur as we issued our command from the ConfigEngine directory of the profile.

I won’t drag you through the murky waters of my Google searches, and general probing. What I found was that when I ran the manageProfiles -listProfiles script only the cw_profile was listed. I was stunned. There were no backups of the profiles that I could use for restoration so I tried editing the profileRegistry.xml file directly. I added all of the required and correct elements by copying from a system that I knew was functional. This made no apparent difference.

I did some digging and took a look at the ConfigEngine environment and realized there’s a script related to the profile registry. It is wp_profile.bat located in C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\properties\fsdb.  I copied the existing cw_profile.bat and edited to match the profile environment and, voilà, c’est fini, my profile was functional and I was able to complete the ConfigEngine task.

The remaining mystery is what happened to the profile configuration in the registry?


Written by David Wilkerson

June 11, 2014 at 12:36 pm